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5 Tips to Make Your Garden a dream corner
The garden needs more busy than inside the house. That is why it offers new and beautiful decorative ideas to organize your garden. Flags in the trees, a hammock in the garden, an improvised bench ... Get inspired with these new decorating ideas that makes you want to take the fresh air!
The garden furniture are color!
This is the time to develop the garden and change languages ​​chairs, umbrellas and table. Benches, sofas and day beds allow you to snuggle outdoors, installed in the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace.
Some tips Deco gardens
Make a square garden:
Here is a simple and effective way to decorate your garden. A garden square which contains boxes inside will help you separate your plantations and meet your power needs. The square vegetable garden is efficient and convenient, small size and it fits in your garden, terrace or balcony.
Planting an olive tree:
Generally, trees are planted in the spring and / or fall and the fruits are harvested between November and December.
To plant an olive tree in your garden requires that the diameter of the hole dug and soientimportants depth. The hole should be about 3 times higher (width and depth) that the pot or container of Oliver.
Put lights for style:
The light atmosphere plays an important role in garden deco atmospheres! So we use and abuse of street lights in small gardens. And they do not take up much space, it pricks in flower pots.
Change your rich garden terrace:
Each terrace with his favorite plants. So to make your ambitious terrace must choose plants for planting.
Examples of plants: Eyelet India, Rudbeckia, Ceratostigma, Sanseveria etc.

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