Your browser does not support JavaScript! Libyan refugees in Tunisia: A bomb threat that the real estate market in Tunisia

Libyan refugees in Tunisia: A bomb threat that the real estate market in Tunisia
Impact of the war in Libya on the property market in Tunisia:
War in Libya has forced thousands of Libyans to leave their country and to choose Tunisia as a host country. Thus, to meet their needs, real estate was put at their disposal rental apartments, houses and villas throughout Tunisia.
As a direct impact, it may be noted the rapid increase in real estate rental rates in Tunisia following the housing emergency request from the Libyan people. The richest could lease property and this was a way to revive the housing market. As against the poorer classes have chosen to rent in cheaper neighborhoods.
The consequences of Libyan refugees on the Tunisian real estate market:
The war in Libya has helped cool the property market Tunisia. In remarks that the purchase transactions, sales and rentals continue to evolve. By cons, for this high demand for housing prices to real estate sales have not increased. This also encouraged to invest in this field strangers. So we are now faced with two phenomena: residential purpose foreign purchases and purchases for rental purpose. This encouraged the Tunisians living abroad to invest in this market by acquiring a second home.
Beware of profiteers: Many people want to take this opportunity by offering a small selection of housing locations with very expensive price.
Prices are rising, rents are inaccessible:
The arrival of the Libyans in Tunisia has radically changed the lifestyle of the population. "Rental prices are rising and finding accommodation becomes increasingly difficult."
Generally, the Libyan people are installed in major cities like Sfax, Tunis and Sousse and they settled with their families in apartments, houses and furnished villas costing more than 100 euros a night not including food expenses, shopping etc ...

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