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Investing in stone is visible, but also very profitable.
In this regard, Tunisia remains a platform of resorts, luxury residences and megaprojects.
Not only because he knows a good tourist numbers, but also because our country has compelling advantages.
Since last year, it seems that the Tunisian real estate market is becoming one of the fastest growing among emerging countries.
Thus, analysts point to Tunisia today as a new emerging real estate market, a market that will experience significant growth over the next five years.
Rising real estate in Tunisia
The rate of households own their own homes in Tunisieest of around 80% yet rising property prices made unhappy.
But like many southern Mediterranean countries, the locals are struggling to stay in view of inflationary prices of real estate.
This increase remains, however, very diverse in desirable areas, the figures flirting with the other 15% and only 5%.
In fact, real estate prices have experienced in recent years, an increase of 150% against a rise of nearly 300% in Algeria as an example.
This price surge is due in particular to rising construction material prices such as iron and cement, as well as the influx of developers, especially from the Gulf countries and the scarcity of land.
Investment in the stone is becoming increasingly popular. According to the expert, are now several causes behind this outbreak are:
- Scarcity of land: operators agree today that one of the main factors promoting the rise in property prices is the scarcity and rising land especially in very specific areas.
- Urban concentration in large cities: demand increasingly higher in larger cities and in some very specific areas.
Tunisians want to become more and more owners. A need for security and serenity that affects all age groups and especially young people.
- Improvement of Living and bank financing: the bank financing solution is increasingly advocated.
In Greater Tunis, the prices range between 800 and 1200 DT / m⊃2; and more say in the luxury areas.
An outbreak that comes into its own by going to the suburbs north. In some areas deemed of future, in Ain Zaghouan side Aouina for example, the price per square meter for sale amounts to 750-850 DT for luxury means. Au Lac, prices oscillate between 1430-1600 and even 2200 DT square meter.
A Hammamet, the sale price is around 1200-1300 DT.
Despite the increase of real estate in Tunisia, there are Tunisians who are interested to buy a luxury accommodation at any price, the question is: "What is the source of money
This kind of Tunisians who sold their land, their big brand cars to own a modern house with a good location.

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