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The price of building land is one of the most important things to watch. Indeed, the sharp rise in land prices has led to a surge in property prices Plan-d-Layouts-of-open-spaces
The size, location and the fact it is serviced or not are factors that influence the price of building land. Over one approaches the cities and peri-urban areas, where there is a shortage of land and high pressure over the land offered for sale are small and prices inevitably high.
The real estate market is a market where prices are set freely between buyers and sellers, they tend to fluctuate over time depending on external factors (economic or political in particular).
The northern suburb area knows the price of land to build the highest followed by Sousse beach side area and some areas of Sfax. The square meter price in Tunis in moderately upscale areas is around 1,300 while in Sousse DT reaches 600 DT.
The shortage of serviced land in certain stressed areas and the increase in their prices has led to a phenomenal increase in housing prices in these areas. The price of construction materials and equipment prices have also contributed to rising house prices. Overall, property prices in Tunisia evolves annually by 8%.
Housing prices amounted to first approach as the result of a confrontation between a request (on the part of candidates to buy) and offer (the part of the housing or construction land owners).
The luxury housing has made records in the area of ​​the northern suburbs of Tunis up to 3000 square meter DT ended in Carthage or the banks of the Lake.
In Sousse, the average cost of a finished luxury meter Sahloul varied between 650 and DT 900, while in the cities of the beach and Kataoui it can rise up to 1500 DT. The area Sahloul has been in recent years the privileged zone of a range of officials who sought a quiet area and close to amenities. While prices can go DT 1200 in areas of Sahloul and Khezama up to 2500 DT for walking in water projects. In Sfax the price of the finished square meter can reach 900 DT.
Plot of Land Management is one of the important elements on which the next government will work to limit the expansion of a housing bubble in Tunisia.

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