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Live in Tunisia or any other country is not an easy task to do as each country has its laws and rules to follow and apply. Overseas Real Estate Agency accompanies you during your first steps in Tunisia.
The expatriation conditions are fourfold:
- You have found a job in Tunisia
- You go up a company in Tunisia
- You want to spend your retirement in Tunisia
- You bought a property in Tunisia
If you do not meet any of these conditions, you are not allowed to stay more than three months in Tunisia and more than six months per year.
The residence permit application is to make the police responsible for your place of residence. Meanwhile you are issued a temporary card that allows you to perform particular tasks such as opening a few phone line or buy an ADSL subscription.
The issuance of your residence permit varies between 2 and 3 months. It will be valid for 1 year, you can then renew each year for one year.
Documents required:
- Rental agreement
- 4 passport photos are required (it is best to have them in Tunisia, they have specific standards ...)
- Do not forget the 2 stamps DT 10 each! you are still calling to end, but never are told that it is necessary!
If you have mounted a society
- Kbis
- Copy of certificate of deposit return
- Certification that you are not subject to a contract of employment (employment services and vocational integration of young people to the API)
If you have found a job
- Copy of your employment contract
If you are retired
- Proof of the existence of a regular payment to your bank account Tunisien
Everything should normally be legalized, ie certified for mayor.
Once you have your final card, be aware that for any departure abroad by plane, you will have to pay the "departure tax" revenue stamp worth 60 DT, which is found in banks of the airport.

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