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Want to move to a new apartment or a new home. But how to find a comfortable accommodation for you?
Usually the focus is on the number of rooms, the living area and the situation of the property. Then you get into comparing these elements with our property profile (search criteria, needs and desires). The analysis of the plan is made according to our needs and the space available to us.
This offers a clearer perspective and more information that will help us choose our furniture or renovations to do. The benefits generated by the knowledge of these parameters are not to be underestimated. Sometimes, following the analysis of the plans the property no longer appears as us attractive at first glance. Yet this does not meet our needs, probably correspond to needs of other people looking for a property.
The interaction and functioning.
The buildings and spaces often play - without us necessarily took conscience - an essential role in our lives, as it spends the vast majority of our time. Therefore, an interaction is created between us and thereof. We adapt to these energy models, which in turn become a reflection of our way of life.
Through this, we can consciously respond to our needs and chances to choose a property that will turn into a home of our dreams.
How to look for accommodation?
Send me property found online (maps, images, and views of the surroundings), your real estate profile and contact information. I propose an individual analysis by email or telephone.
For example: you ever consider selling your apartment or house, and you have also found a property that interests you, but still have some doubts. It may be that the new well you match all or only small changes are enough to suit your needs.
In the construction of a building, once the plans are established, consider a new perspective could lead to considerable improvements. We choose to use large windows so that more natural light, but later we choose to hide from the cold etc.
Reviewed by a client:
"I was about to buy a new apartment, but, yet, I was not out on my choice. Consultation with Ms. Leuenberger opened my eyes in helping me realize that I had gone on a wrong path. In addition, she advised me and gave me ideas for my current home which I had not yet tapped the full potential. I thank her for these precious indications. "

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